Ascend Training Series: A+ (220-1001 & 220 1002) (English) - (12-Mo Subscription)

Ascend Training Series: A+ (220-1001 & 220 1002) (English) - (12-Mo Subscription)
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We designed this A+ course with two primary goals: to help students excel in their future careers. We provide quizzes, assessments, and a practice exam that are automatically graded so you can put your primary focus where it should be: on learning.

Unlike other A+ courses on the market, our course provides hands-on experience that simulates a real work environment. Our advanced labs can be solved in a variety of ways, allowing you to expand your knowledge even further and better prepare for CompTia’s 1001 and 1002 exams, so you can prove to employers that you can get the job done!


  • Module 1: Operating Systems
  • Module 2: Windows Management
  • Module 3: A Look At Mobile Devices
  • Module 4: Networking
  • Module 5: Hardware
  • Module 6: Virtualization And Cloud Computing
  • Module 7: Operating Systems
  • Module 8: Security
  • Module 9: Software Troubleshooting
  • Module 10: Hardware And Network Troubleshooting

Ascend Training Series: A+ (220-1001 & 220 1002)

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